Do The Research conducts and consolidates web-based research, primarily for causes. Since 1998, this work has helped people find and organize needed information.

In 1998, Do The Research was conceptualized as Online Research Enterprise (O.R.E.) and the site’s purpose was to do research for people overwhelmed by new technologies and the rapdily expanding amount of information available online. The idea was to “mine” online information in order to help people. (Get it? O.R.E., mine, gold-themed site?) Later, the site became research4you.com and, eventually, Do The Research.

The popular travel, fun, and other sections of the site publicly offered research results of general interest, at no charge. As web trafic increased, the sections expanded and diversified. The site took on a hodgepodge feel and grew and grew and grew.

With time, web resources advanced and excellent sites were developed to fill voids and meet important information needs. (If we’d only invested more in some of the ideas we had while doing research!) It was preferable and ethical to refer to such services than to maintain a gigantic, antiquated site.

Therefore, Do The Research returned to its roots. Do The Research offers custom, human-conducted, web-based research products that help people and organizations.

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